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Posted on January 20, 2013, 12:38 pm
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Kuduro is a unique vibrant dance style and music genre from Angola. The Kuduro, also spelt as kuduru, emerged in suburbs of Luanda, Angolan capital city, as street dance music in 1990’s and has now become very popular music among young people. The kuduro is characterized as raw, vital, fast, exciting, energetic dance music in which the female dancer protrudes her derriere and swings it sensuously to the rhythm of the hard-hitting beat. Kuduro dance and Kuduro music are practically inseparable. As music genre, the Kuduro is mostly influenced by Sungura, Afro Zouk, Semba and Raggae and it is a kind of mix of techno beats with African percussion, critical slang and rap.

In the first decade of its existence, the Kuduro was trivialized, criticized and often labeled as music and dance of gangs due to its aggressive humoristic improvised lyrics and dancing pirouettes associated with the hairstyle and body exposure dressing styles of the majority of Kuduro singers and dancers.

As the local radio and TV stations locked their doors to Kuduro, the singers, most of them Disc Jockeys, strategically found in public taxis (candongueiros) the only marketing channel and the street vendors as distribution and selling chain of their product.

Even without sponsors and media support, the music and dance gained space because the “aggressive humoristic improvised lyrics and dancing pirouettes of the Kuduro” are charged with messages that touch the hearts of millions who live in precarious conditions.

At the present there is no Angolan party without kuduro, radio and TV stations have surrounded and the sponsors have opened their doors to kuduro makers but concerns persist in some social circles, in part, because of obscene language and dance of some famous Kuduro singers, locally known as kuduristas.

Recently, with the appearance of of female Kuduristas, most of times indecenly dressed for extreme sexy dance in public shows, te Kuduro became more exciting to young generation and less advisable to be watched in a family environment.

Kuduro music and dance are now very popular not only in Angola, but also across the African Portuguese speaking countries, in South Africa, as well as in the outskirts of some cities of Portugal and Brazil due to the large number of Angolan immigrants.

Therefore, the Kuduro while Angolan brand is part of the national heritage and there is a need to standardize this musical genre and dance style and raise it to levels that can contribute to the dignity of Angola’s national culture.

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