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Posted on January 22, 2011, 11:11 am
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Dear friend;

If you are planning to move to or visit Angola for tourism, business, diplomatic assignment, offshore job or for any other reason, it will be important to learn basics of Angolan Portuguese language because it will help you to communicate with local people and integrate with the local community and you may need it for your own survival.  


Bom dia - Good morning.

Boa tarde - Good afternoon.

Boa noite - Good night.

Fala inglês? - Do you speak English?

Há alguém aqui que fala inglês?  -Does anyone here speak English?

Onde posso encontrar alguém que fale inglês? - Where can I find someone who speaks English?

Desculpe-me por falar tão mal o português -Excuse my poor Portuguese.

Só falo um pouco de português  I only speak a little Portuguese.

The above is sample of 3 English/Portuguese conversation guides with the most used expressions and phrases when meeting and greeting people, self introduction, asking information, dialogue, dealing with money, shopping, restaurant and cafes, talking on the phone, hotel reservation, counting numbers and many more for $14 only. Click here now to download the full version.

As you know, language is always tied to culture and showing interest in expressing yourself in Angolan Portuguese will demonstrate your interest in and attract sympathy from the people you meet

Angolan Portuguese is a variety of Portuguese used mostly in Angola where it is an official language. It is generally used in Angola by over 90% of all residents. It is the first and the only language of about 60% of the inhabitants of Luanda, a city/province with around 8 million inhabitants.

Although most of the vocabulary is the same as in Portugal or Brazil, there are some differences, many due to the influence of several African languages spoken in Angola. Each area has different lexicon and many of them are used in formal communication. For instance a chewing gum is designeted: pastilha in portugal chilete in Brazil chuinga in Angola.


So, get your practical guide of Portuguese language (3 ebooks) with Angolan variant terms in order to understand what people around you are talking about for just $14. Inside the ebooks, you will get the most used expressions and phrases for meeting and greeting people, asking information,  dealing with money, shopping, restaurant and cafes, hotel reservation and counting numbers.

BONUS:With the conversation guide you will get free Portuguese - English proverbs widely used in Angola during formal and informal business conversation, social events and other situations.


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