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Mussulo Island Beach
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Posted on April 4, 2011, 8:33 pm
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Mussulo Island is a big bay south of Luanda, with a large and quite beach, white sand and calm sea waters, suitable for the practice of nautical sports. Mussulo is a picture postcard image complete with swaying palm trees and white sand and it is one of the most popular tourist spots in Luanda, the capital of Angola.

With a plenty of accommodation and good restaurants around, Mussulo can be an ideal location for spending a few days of your vacation in peaceful environment.

 The atmosphere of white sand beach lined with palm trees makes Mussulo a very relaxing place for vacation travelers.  You can get to the Mussulo Island by road (4x4 only), though Barra do Kwanza but motor boats are the most used to reach that sight of wonderful beaches of warm waters and sun protected by the shade of green coconut trees. So, Mussulo is one of the favorite places in Luanda, where Angolans and visitors go in search of resting and relaxation, especially during the weekend and holidays.

Finally, Mussulo Island is not exactly an island. It is a large tidal lagoon, extending some 35 km (22 miles) along the coast. Mussulo is, actually, a sand bank, formed by sedimentation from Kwanza River, with a length on the Southern coast of Luanda, connecting the Atlantic Ocean to Africa mainland by a very small stretch of sand.

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