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Beaches in Angola
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Posted on April 10, 2011, 10:23 am
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Angola hasseveral beaches with wonderful scenery and landscapes formed by small islands, bays and sandbanks on its coastline.  These beaches are now excellent destinations for beaches vacations and good tourist destination for people who are looking for plenty of sun and sand and beautiful panoramic views. Let us mention just few of them near the cities of Luanda and Benguela:

Ilha de Luanda beach islocated at Luanda Island, about 2½ Km (1.5 Miles) from the city downtown. It is a beautiful beach with numerous esplanades around making it a good spot to catch some tan and eat and beautiful scene of sunset.
Mussulo Beach is another beautiful beach of warm waters and sun protected by the shade of green coconut trees. Mussulo is one of the favorite places near Luanda, where Angolans and visitors go for resting and relaxation, especially during the weekend and holidays.
 Morena Beach islocated near the city of Benguela, it is gorgeous sandy beach with beautiful fresh water and phenomenal ocean view. This is one of the top rated tourist attractions in Benguela Province.
 Baia Azul beach - Named after its blue waters, Baia Azul is one of the most famous beaches in Angola with a great beauty and splendour. This beach is located about 3Km (1.8 Miles) south of Benguela city.
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