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Museums in Angola
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Posted on April 10, 2011, 11:59 am
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Angola has a couple of important museums in Luanda and in some provinces of the country. In Luanda, are located some of Angolan museums offering awesome human and nature information and a summary of the country’s long and fascinating history, from the slavery Era to independence.

The National Slavery Museum
Located 25 Km south of Luanda, the National Slavery Museum keeps the memories of the thousands of slaves shipped to the Americas to work in coffee, sugar cane, cotton and indigo plantations without any remuneration.
The Natural History Museum
Established in 1938, the Natural History Museum includes several different animal species and a unique collection of native sea shells. Many first time visitors report being surprised by a display of the large amount of animal skeletons.
Museum of Armed Forces
The Museum of Armed Forces keeps the records of Angola’s fight for independence. With the original cannons standing guard and incredible statues of important figures in Angola history, this museum is one of popular attraction in Luanda.
National Museum of Anthropology
This amazing museum documents the proud history of the people of Angola. Several rooms focus on the traditions, customs, art and music of Angola’s past. Historic exhibits that include cloth made from bark and the "Mask" rooms.
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