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Angolan Women’s Memorial
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Posted on June 11, 2011, 9:34 am
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Heroes Women’s Memorial is among the best known attractions in the city of Luanda and a very appealing place where families, couples, and individuals go to have a portrait or professional photo taken.

The memorial is a bronze sculpture, surrounded by green trees, built in honor of the Angolan women for their active contribution to the national liberation struggle for the achievement of independence from Portugal.

Also known as Heroes Women’s Square, it is one of the top rated postcards for the city, perhaps the most used in Angola for newlyweds for videos and photo portraits to preserve the unique memories of their lives.

As the monument is located in an area of several high schools, it is common to find there young people studying under the shadow of trees. The place is busy almost everyday, but it is especially crowded in the month of March, known in Angola as the “woman’s month”, when the monument becomes the center of attention and wreaths are deposited at the square.

The garden area is marked green and the structure is made of seven bronze sculptures, three of them imposed on the top, portraying the following: A lady on the right with a hoe, on the left is another lady with an ammunition box and a leading lady in the center with an automatic rifle.

The memorial locally known as Monumento das Heroinas is built in a circular ground plan on Ho Chi Minh Street, nearby the Angolan Public Radio and Television stations headquarters, on the way to Independence Plaza.

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